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Lolikko made a fan page for me on Deviant art!   
08:06pm 23/01/2011
  Lolikko made a fan page for me on Deviant art!

Please join! That would be super kawaii sugoi awesome desu if you do! ;p

Here is the link and thank you Lolikko!

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Stephanie Yanez's New Year Concert   
01:38pm 28/12/2010

I am so happy and honored to be having my 2nd Event at TinierMe.com! Polo (Japanese Guitarist & producer) and I made this special song for all of you! The title of the song is called "Mirai heno tobira! The song is about looking towards the new year with a positive outlook! Also I knew how much everyone liked my personal item the cat ears with pink ribbon! So I told staff we need to make those animated! They are so cute huh? THANK YOU TINIERME STAFF FOR EVERYTHING! Also thank you Polo! You are such an awesome producer! ;p I am so happy to be able to make so many awesome friends through TinierMe! Please add me as a friend if you haven't yet! You can only listen to the song over at TinierMe.com! So what you waiting for? ;p

Here are the romanji lyrics:

anohi kimi ha sora kara oritekita boku ni sotto warai kakete kita
sono sunda hitomi ni suikomaresoude boku ha sotto kimi no kao ni hureta

never end love bokura no naka ni
crazy my mind kimi mo kitto

hashiri dashita hutari no omoi itsuka kitto bokura no negai
togirenai yo ni tsuyoku te wo nigiru
kanashimi nante sokoniha naku tada gamushara ni susumi tsudukeru
mirai heno tobira ha itsumo soko ni aru

kaidan nobori inoru kimi no yokogao boku ha kimi ga ima nani negau ka nozoitemiru
kiduita hazu no kimi ha nani mo iwazuni okotta huride aoi sora wo aogu

take your time aseru koto ha nai
day after day taiyo ha miteru

ugoki hazimeta sono omoi kirameki tsudukeru bokura no yume ni
osoreru mono nado mo nani mo nai
michi ya chizu ga soko ni nakutemo tada gamusyara ni susumi tsudukeru
mirai heno hashi ha itsu mo soko ni aru

hashiri dashita hutari no omoi itsuka kitto bokura no negai
togirenai yo ni tsuyoku te wo nigiru
kanashimi nante sokoniha naku tada gamushara ni susumi tsudukeru
mirai heno tobira ha itsumo soko ni aru
I went to the Luna Sea concert with TinierMe Staff!   
09:03pm 06/12/2010
  I was invited by TinierMe to go check out the very famous Japanese Visual Kei rock band Luna Sea! It was the band's first US concert! The show was awesome! And I still have the song Dejavu stuck in my head! After the show we were invited up to the VIP area by Sugizo's Agency! We saw a very famous Japanese actress Momoi Kaori (memoirs of a geisha) and Yoshiki (famous musician). I also finally met Sugizo! He was very nice and we shook hands twice! ;p Then I was able to meet the lead vocalist of Luna Sea Ryuichi Kawamura! Here is a picture of Ryuichi and I! Hopefully next time I can get a picture with Sugizo... I was too busy shaking his hand to remember to ask for a photo! Lol! Thank you TinierMe staff for the fun night and great opportunity!


Polo, ME, Ryuichi, and TinierMe staff Nogi!
I went to the Luna Sea concert with TinierMe Staff!   
09:02pm 06/12/2010
New York Anime Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
06:33pm 15/10/2010
  OMG! NYAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the most amazing time ever! I was so happy to meet so many TinierMe friends in real life! Mnay of you came up and said you ejoyed my music, videos ,and Crazy Sexy Tokyo documentary! It really meant the world to me!

I am so honored and blessed for everything that has come my way! THANK YOU TINIERME STAFF FOR EVERYTHING! YOU GUYS ARE SO MUCH FUN!

And thank you to EVERYONE that came to say hi and have been supporting me thus far! Some exciting stuff happened at NYAF. And I can't wait for everything to take place...

Everyone in Times Square came to see me... ;p

Ito-san who created Hatsune Miku!

Stephanie Yanez X Miku Hatsune

I love Gacha!

And here is the video from NYAF:


Interview tomorrow on Anime Radio 918thefan.com!   
10:05pm 04/10/2010

Please comment! It will truly mean so much! I know you guys always support me in
such and awesome way!
I made this quick video announcing how I will be doing an interview tomorrow OCT 5TH on:
Taken from the site:
Oct 5, 2010 2:30pm - Oct 5, 2010 3:30pm
Long time music enthusiast turned idol, Stephanie Yanez joins Kanashimi in the Korner this Tuesday. What tales will she tell of her experiences? From AX Idol, to the studio, to Japan, she'll have stories from all over.
Please tune in to 91.8 The Fan!
Tokyo Jihen is playing in the background... NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!
EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111   
10:43am 03/10/2010
  I had a show this past Friday! It was a lot of fun! Thank you Yuki and Shingo for having me! :)

And now I have a lot of stuff coming up which I am soooo excited about! First I will be on http://918thefan.com/ The first 24/7 live anime radio station featuring news, shows, and interviews. Oct 5, 2010 2:30pm - Oct 5, 2010 3:30pm

Taken from 918thefan.com: Long time music enthusiast turned idol, Stephanie Yanez joins Kanashimi in the Korner this Tuesday. What tales will she tell of her experiences? From AX Idol, to the studio, to Japan, she'll have stories from all over.

Then I will be going to NYAF in NY with TinierMe. I will be at the booth cosplaying as my TinierMe avatar! First time going to NY! Well if you don't count Rochester... First 50 people on Saturday & Sunday can get an autograph flyer.

I'll take a short break until OCT 28TH arrives where I will be performing at TUNE IN TOKYO'S 2nd Anniversary Show in Little Tokyo! Exciting performers will be rocking the stage. More details coming soon...

Then Nov 6th I am having the honor to rock it with Polo at the SWEET + EVIL Art Show by Agimat Comics!

Here is the info for the event:

6747 Greenleaf Ave. Ste. A, Whittier, CA

<<< SWEET + EVIL >>>
Arts, Games & Toys
Nov. 6, 2010

Sweet + Evil Party! Dress up Sweet or Evil or both! Cosplayers, Lolitas, Goth styles, Ninjas are encouraged. If you can dress up like Hiro or any Shadow Candy characters we'll make you the star of the night!

***Goody bags to the early monsters!*** 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

SWEET + EVIL various artworks- Custom Deego toys- Official launch of E-Ville game app- Game night: experience E-Ville and Shadow Candy: SUGAR RUSH!- and more to come! Extras:- Custom Cupcakes by Party Flavors- Beats by DJ Todd Tochioka- Stephanie Yanez and Polo rocking it- Appetizers / snacks / drinks will be served (while it last) Exclusive limited edition posters of Sweet + Evil will be available for purchase on limited quantity, signed by the artist, aRVie Villanueva. More surprises awaits, you’ll never know. NOTE: PG-13 - E-Ville game is for ages 9 + yrs old. Kids may attend with parents’ supervision.

Yatta! ;p So many things coming up! I am sooooooooooooooooo excited! Thank you to all my listeners and supporters!

Ai wo komete,

Sakura Wonderland Dance Video WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
08:39pm 09/09/2010

First Cartoonmogul.com and I would like to say thank you to all that participated in the Sakura Wonderland Dance Video Contest. We have THREE WINNERS:

Best Daring Solo Performance:

Best Creative Duo Performance:

Best Team Work Performance:

All WINNERS, I will be sending you an email to your YOUTUBE account! Please be on the look out!

ALL WINNERS will get an Amazon Gift Card with ANIME GIFT BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect Blue - In Memory of Satoshi Kon   
05:26pm 25/08/2010


R.I.P. Satoshi Kon (1963-2010)

In this video I am singing the song Omoide Ni Dakarete Imawa from Satoshi Kon's movie Perfect Blue! Ever since watching Perfect Blue I became a huge fan of Satoshi Kon. I am very picky in my anime and I can name off a small few talented anime directors and animators that I truly love. And Satoshi Kon was always one of my all time favorites! When I heard that he passed away I was shocked. So young! Cancer has surely taken the best people of this world.

Taken from The Salt Lake Tribune:

Satoshi Kon, a Japanese animator who took anime into gritty reality and mind-bending fantasy, died Tuesday after a battle with cancer. He was 46
Kon's films were brimming with originality and color. His Hitchcockian rock 'n' roll thriller "Perfect Blue" (1998) was a cult hit, as was "Millennium Actress" (2001). His Christmas comedy "Tokyo Godfathers" (2003) combined Hollywood sentiment with a colorful take on modern life in Tokyo.

Kon's masterpiece, though, was "Paprika" (2007), a trippy story in which the dream world and reality collided in an explosion of strange images. The movie's plot -- about a "dream detective" who could enter other people's dreams -- has been cited as an inspiration for this year's hit "Inception."

"With feelings of gratitude for all that is good in this world, I put down my pen.

Well, I'll be leaving now."

Satoshi Kon
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My NEW album SAKURA WONDERLAND is out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
10:47pm 17/08/2010
  My NEW album SAKURA WONDERLAND EP is NOW on iTunes, Amazon,etc! For now I will give you the iTunes link:


Thank you to everyone that has supported me in all that I do! I was really happy to make this EP! Polo did the awesome music on this album while I provided my words and voice! :)

Quiss a member and supporter of TinierMe and myself was so kind to do the artwork for the album! Thank you once again Quiss!

The EP has four tracks which are:

#1. Sakura Wonderland
#2. Hanabi
#3. Snow Tears
#4. Sakura Wonderland (karaoke)

Thank you once again everyone for the support! Hope you guys like the songs? I will upload a video on youtube which will give you a preview of each song soon...
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TinierMe Cosplay time! Come see me in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles tomorrow!   
05:13pm 13/08/2010
OMG! I haz a show!   
09:24pm 30/07/2010

Above is the flyer!

Here is an article written about the show and I:
Miku Hatsune makes her first official US debut on TINIERME.COM!   
08:20pm 20/07/2010
  On the same stage where I had my concert on TinierMe.com is now featuring Miku Hatsune's Concert! That means I have now shared the same stage as Miku Hatsune! Not too many people can say that huh? ;p

Banner from my concert where it featured my newest single "SAKURA WONDERLAND".

Banner from Miku Hatsune's Concert that is in Selfy Town on TinierMe.com NOW!

When TinierMe told me of the awesome collaboration that they were doing with the Vocaloids I was in awe! Especially because Vocaloids are very popular in Japan and are now making a scene for themselves in the US.

Vocaloid fans don't miss Miku Hatsune's first ever US debut and all other Vocaloid goodies at TinierMe.com!

Here is some info taken from the PDF file on TinierMe.com about Miku Hatsune:

"HATSUNE MIKU" is a computer music software that enables users to create synthesized singing of unprecedented quality and remarkable realism by
just typing in lyrics and melody. Powered by YAMAHA's VOCALOID(= Vocal + Android) technology, HATSUNE MIKU was developed by Crypton Future

Media in Sapporo, and released on August 31st, 2007. And since then, there have been more than 30,000 songs and movies about HATSUNE MIKU were posted in a popular Video sharing web site such as YouTube and Nico-Nico-Douga(Japan).

From this "music software" with cute voice and an illustration of cartoon girl on the cover, not only lots of CGM(Consumer Generated Media) music were created, but remarkable numbers of derivative illustrations and dedicated free software (including an amazing application tool to create 3D animation of HATSUNE MIKU, etc.) were also created. Then, as the recognition and popularity of HATSUNE MIKU grew, more other related activities such as launching news site and SNS site featuring MIKU or organizing events for MIKU fans are taking place.
HATSUNE MIKU is not merely a music software anymore. It's turned into a source of inspiration to create its derivative works.

With the increase of those mash-up and remix works by HATSUNE MIKU lovers, Crypton Future Media has opened "PIAPRO" as a next step. PIAPRO is a CGM contents posting site for the creators to collaborate and
exchange ideas with others. At PIAPRO, you'll be surprised to see all those talented works, but besides that,
a CCJP official character are being seeked as one of collaboration projects, and also, creators are discussing
vigorously and freely about copyright for the sake of better future goals of their works.
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StephanieYanez.com Dance Video Contest! Win an ANIME GIFT BASKET & AMAZON GIFT CARD!   
10:16pm 10/07/2010
You don't have to be good at dancing and we encourage you to dance with friends as well! Photobucket
Watch the video for more details! Comment and I will love you for life!
Instructions and Rules:
1. Purchase and download the song “Sakura Wonderland” from stephanieyanez.com OR if you do not want to buy the song you can go to youtube.com/axidolsteph and click on Sakura Wonderland music video to playback song while recording your dance video.
Plan your video or make it quick and simple.  We want you to be creative with the video or create a cool new dance for the song.  
Suggestions:  Dress up in different wardrobe or cosplay, film in interesting locations, choreograph a dynamic dance or  do your best  dance moves!  
Contest starts May 3rd, 2010 and ends July 12th, 2010.  Upload your video before July 12th 11:59pm on youtube.com.  Make sure when uploading the video you write StephanieYanez.com Dance Video Contest  in the title heading, so we can keep track of the video entries.
In addition but not mandatory you can tweet your video on twitter.com.  Make sure you  tweet: StephanieYanez.com Dance Video Contest and attach the  url link  to your youtube dance video entry and send it as a tweet to @KawaiiStephanie on http://twitter.com/KawaiiStephanie  (please do not send it as a direct message to KawaiiStephanie.)
Three Finalist will be chosen by Stephanie Yanez, cartoonmogul.com and a panel of judges after the end of the contest - two weeks after July 12th.  Winner will be announced via youtube by Stephanie.
Winning videos will be selected in three categories one for  “Best Creative Video,” one for “Best Dance Choreography,” and one for “Audience Award”  (This award will be based on ratings & comments you get on your video.  So make sure you ask people to rate and comment on your dance video.)
All Finalist will win a Stephanie Yanez/cartoonmogul gift basket assembled by Stephanie  and Amazon.com gift card.  Winner will be contacted via your youtube and if you have a twitter account on that as well!
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TinierMe Booth @ Anime Expo 2010 with Stephanie Yanez   
04:11pm 06/07/2010


Anime Expo has so much history for me. I mean I won AX Idol in 2004 at Anime Expo. And since then I have done many fun things like recording at Paramount Studios with Geneon & I'VE, being a Tokyo Reporter for Anime Selects Comcast On Demand, and my mini tours in Japan performing at venues like Omotesando FAB!

Now I am honored to be a sponsor with TinierMe a Japanese Anime avatar gaming online site where they featured my NEW SINGLE "SAKURA WONDERLAND". The site has been growing strong in Japan and now they wanted to introduce the online site to the world. They first made their worldwide debut in October of last year. Now they have a million users!

I am on TinierMe everyday because it is a great place to interact with my fans. They told me they wanted to dress me up as my avatar which is called "Selfy" on TinierMe. And they wanted to bring me out to Anime Expo so my fans can come and spend some quality time with me at the booth!

I was there all four days. And I was sooooooooooo happy to meet everyone from old to new faces. I was so honored to have people come up to me and still talk about how I won AX Idol or how I was on the documentary Crazy Sexy Tokyo with Anime Selects! Of course I was soooooooo excited as well to meet my TinierMe friends who said they sing or listen to my song Sakura Wonderland all of the time.

Every Anime Expo I have gone to since 04 I have been involved be performing my own concert at the summer festival stage to performing the half time show at Masquerade to being called up and introduced on stage by Kotoko!

Anime Expo will always have a special place in my weird and goofy heart! Even though it has changed so much since 04 it still rocks! Thank you to everyone that came to say hi to me at the TinierMe booth! And thank you to the hard working staff of TinierMe and the sponsors of TinierMe! ANIME EXPO 2010 WAS CHO CRAZY AWESOME!


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My schedule at ANIME EXPO at the TinierMe Booth!   
10:37am 26/06/2010

I will be making guest appearances at the TinierMe booth in the Exhibit Hall this year. I will be wearing my own custom costume that TinierMe has made for me special for this event! Please come by and say hi! So Okay here is my schedule for ANIME EXPO @ the TinierMe Booth:

Thursday: 2PM between 6PM (I will be at the booth in between these times.)
Friday: 2PM to 6PM (That day I may only be at the booth till around 4PM.)
Saturday: 10AM to 2PM
Sunday 12:30PM to 3:00PM


Please add me on twitter at KawaiiStephanie. Or on Facebook at facebook.com/StephanieYanezMusic. I will keep everyone updated on when I will be at the booth exactly! Thursday I may not be at the booth that long. Friday I may get to the booth earlier. And Saturday and Sunday the times will remain the same. Sat 10AM to 2PM and Sunday 12:30PM to 3PM. I will be uploading pictures from all 4 days. Giving you guys videos as well. So yes please look forward to all the updates on my facebook and twitter! I can't wait to see everyone at Anime Expo!

TinierMe is going to Anime Expo!   
04:53pm 17/06/2010

I will be making several appearances at the TinierMe booth!
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Press Release on ANIME NEWS NETWORK about my single and the LIVE CONCERT TONIGHT!   
03:15pm 23/04/2010


The above link is the press release about my NEW single "SAKURA WONDERLAND" that was currently being featured on TINIERME.COM.

The press release also has all the info about my ONLINE CONCERT TONIGHT at 9:30PM PST at USTREAM.TV/CHANNEL/KAWAII-POP.
Sakura Wonderland Music Video Promo   
05:24pm 16/04/2010

Here is the Promo for the SAKURA WONDERLAND music video! Just a teaser until the music video has it's premiere at my upcoming ONLINE WORLD WIDE WEB CONCERT! Yes folks another concert is in the works with all new songs like my latest single Sakura Wonderland which is currently being featured on the Japanese Anime Avatar site TINIERME.COM for my own event on the site called "Stephanie's Concert".

The live webcast concert is titled " ANIME JUNGLE PRESENTS STEPHANIE YANEZ LIVE IN CONCERT". And the concert will be Friday April 23rd at 9PM PST at USTREAM.TV/CHANNEL/KAWAII-POP. After the concert we will premiere the music video!

Talk to you soon!

♥ STEPHANIE'S CONCERT ♥ Now on TinierMe.com!   
12:52pm 02/04/2010

My OFFICIAL EVENT titled "STEPHANIE'S CONCERT" has made it's debut over at TINIERME.COM! Polo and I made a NEW song for the special TinierMe event titled "SAKURA WONDERLAND". You can only hear it right now on TinierMe.com! The event started April 1st and will go until April 21st!

More pictures from STEPHANIE'S CONCERTCollapse )
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